Carter Bale

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Player - Cedric Schorreels

Name - Carter Bale

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picture by Pieter Vanhaecke


Brief history

Additional Rumours and Stories

Others about Carter Bale

  • Alexandria Karuna High Priestess of the Circle of the Crone Limburg: "An idealist, maybe even dangerous. Yet I guess, highly underestimated."
  • Ophelia Schwartz nomad Crone, former covenmate of Carter: "note to self: introduce him to other Voodoun Crones. Carter is competent, but needs guidance. And a lot of it..."
  • Imanuel: "His act is better than mi... I mean very convincing but that's the danger isn't it? People realy start believing and then the trouble begins."
  • Hendrik Buckinkx (to Vanessa Geeraerts and Alexander Smeets) "You have to treat Bale as you would treat rain, endure it and wait until it stops. However he's extremely fun to watch around those stuffy Invictus. And he's fun to talk to when you don't want to think about anything serious... Don't think he's a fool though. I've seen him go from jester to advisor in a split second when the situation calls for it. There's a reason why the Malinas keep their 'court jester' and it's not only entertainment value."
  • Takeda Kyuzo : "The fact that Mr. Bale is considered to be the brains of the Malinas is not a reassuring thought."

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